Day Of Discovery

I kid you not. We have been here quite a few times now since the late 1990’s, have driven the road from Kihei to Lahaina a few dozen times and have never stopped at the “market” looking stand on the highway just past the tunnel heading north, until yesterday.

We entered the really old looking building called Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop. HELLO! This is a full restaurant with fresh baking and the lovely ooey-gooey desserts I look for as well.  Don ordered a savory biscuit and coffee and I ordered the mini coconut cream tart and coffee. OMG!

We had to be the only two people who didn’t know what this place was. The parking lot is jammed packed full and the line-up goes out the door. The food is awesome and the restaurant is super clean. Just wait until you use their washroom facilities. I am really ‘iffy’ when using public washrooms, but this one? You could eat off the floor. Spotless is the understatement.

We go out and scan the market part of this stop and they carry every kind of produce you would ever want to buy. We will definitely return before we have to leave and have lunch there.

Now we head north to Lahaina for lunch. We immediately head over to The Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant. Every time we come to Maui we come here. Great atmosphere, wonderful servers with a “let’s have fun” attitude and, of course, as many different ways to have a cheeseburger you can think of or make your own creation.

We shared a mushroom cheeseburger as the portions are HUGE and we were quite stuffed when finished. Okay, so we waddled out.

Now we head north to Ka’anapoli and Whaler’s Village to go into all the shops we missed last week (I didn’t think there was a store we missed since we got here three weeks ago, but there was). We stopped in at Lelani’s  and enjoyed a drink while people watching. That, my friends, is a wonderful pastime when at the beach.

We then get back into the car and head home, having enjoyed another perfect day in this island paradise. We got to ravish  a couple of Don’s terrific tacos. Could our lives get any better?

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