It Had To Happen….

Drat! We have been here over three weeks now and, after going once more to Walmart, we stopped in at a restaurant called Zippy’s in Kahalui. They have a pretty impressive bakery as soon as you walk in and we were only going to have a coffee and a treat.

We were seated in the eating section and were given a very extensive menu to peruse. We were served coffee (really good coffee) and then decided to have lunch. Don ordered fried chicken and, when I finally decided, I ordered  a waffle. I was told ‘they were out of waffles today’ so I ordered a mushroom burger.

Don’s meal came out first and, believe me, it was scary. A few fries, a medley of veggies of the frozen variety and two, very small, very over cooked pieces of chicken. About five minutes later my meal arrived with a pickle on the plate that had died about 12 months ago. It was dry, looked like a bite was missing and shrivelled. The family across from us starting to giggle.

Now Don is trying to bite on the chicken piece…think of cement that has hardened….he informs our server (up to now was pleasant) about the condition of his meal and adding to her disgust was the pickle. She doesn’t take his plate but snarls  she will get him a new one and grabs my pickle.

Back she comes and literally slams down a small plate with 1 piece of, again, over cooked chicken. (remember he started out with 2). The grandmother sitting across from us is almost hysterical because our server also slammed down the very same piece of pickle that had only been rinsed off at the same time. She demanded of “Don “well, how is it NOW?” He said he didn’t know but would try it.

He tried but it was no better and she returns with the  second piece of chicken. By now, the family across from us and both of us are giggling and the grandmother says…one chicken at a time, just one chicken at a time.

Out comes piece number 3, and it is hot, but overcooked and no seasoning whatsoever. We offered some chicken to the grandmother but she hides her head exclaiming “you are getting me in trouble with my granddaughter”, laughing so hard.

Now our server with the worst attitude offers more coffee. Believe me when I say we told her ‘yes please, that would be nice’. It was stone cold, so we paid our bill and left. This is the only time my husband has never left a tip, EVER.

Food, attitude are dreadful. We will not return.

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