Longhi’s Restaurant-Wailea

First off, the football game won over our shopping in the afternoon. Yea Seattle. We had dinner reservations for 7 p.m. so we went a little early so we could (a) do an errand for Anne and, (b) do our looking.

Success for Anne but, when we went into the gallery where I wanted to go, the saleslady was so ‘over-the-top-in-your-face’, we left. (say thank you Daryl).

We were about one hour early but checked in hoping we would be seated at Longhi’s and, thankfully, we were. The weather, by the way, was absolutely perfect…sun setting, not even a breeze and being outside. It is breathtaking.

Our server for the evening is a young gentleman named Ian. Now, Don and I are known foodies and we have traveled pretty extensively so feel quite confident when discussing the ambience, food and staff anywhere we go. We absolutely raved about Emeril’s in New Orleans and also Mama’s Fish House here on Maui BUT the one that is in that class all by himself is Ian.

He has the most wonderful sense of humour, never loses sight of his charges at any of the tables he is responsible for and, if he is unsure of the answer, he immediately excuses himself and comes back with the answer.

He simply told me I would LOVE my lobster Mac and Cheese and if I didn’t, I could throw it at him.  Ahh! No scoffing here, as this was so not ‘mac and cheese’ as the worlds knows it to be. Words actually fail me here…it is smooth as silk, lots of lobster meat, penne cooked absolutely perfectly and impossible to finish the serving.  We also chatted about the wine. I ordered a Pinot Grigio and was served the very best ever. Ian told me the name and even brought the hard copy version for me to read (sorry ,but for the life of me, I don’t remember). I even ordered a second glass. No that is not the reason I don’t remember.

Don ordered the Sicilian Pasta and loved, loved, loved it. As well, could not finish it. It had calamari, clams and Italian sausage in a semi-spicy tomato sauce. Ian even asked Don if he would like them to be easy on the spices and Don said yes. Only one downfall at Longhi’s and that is they don’t carry non-alcoholic beer or any non-alcoholic cocktails.

Now Ian comes along and offers dessert. I groaned and Don says “what have you got”? Sure enough along comes Ian with a dessert menu to choke a horse .Don glances at it and says we would share a Crème Brulee. Uhuh! Damn, it was soooo good. Coffee for me and an espresso for Don and we were waddling out of there. When, not if, you come to Maui, go to Longhi’s and request to be in Ian’s section and you will know what I am talking about.

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