Moving Day In Paradise

After a wonderful, relaxing day of walking the beach we drove to the Azeka Mall and ate lunch at the Coconut Fish Café. This is probably the best on the island. The long line-up never ceases, for sure.

Then we went back to the small mall (where Don got his ipad cover, and I got two luggage tags, with my favourite picture put on them. This is quite the technique.

Not having tried any ice  cream or gelato during the first 2 weeks here, we drove back down to the other side of the Azeka Mall and had some gelato. All I can say is YUMMMMMMM. Okay, so now we came home and made pancakes for dinner, watched some tv and kissed the world a fond and grateful goodnight.

Today we are packing everything up and moving 1/2 block away to our new home for the next two plus weeks. Not bragging but it sure sucks to be us sometimes. Especially when you read temps in Canada. Brrr!


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