Second Tuesday.

Yesterday I mentioned the little church…but I failed to mention that when a member of this church passes away, they  leave a lei on the back of the pew where they sat on the first Sunday after their passing and no one sits on that spot. This is a wonderful tribute to that person.

When we were there, there were two different spots with leis. I don’t know of any other church where they acknowledge an individual in that manner. It is beautiful.

Yesterday, our honeymooners went on a whale watching cruise. They loved it.. probably because they were alone without us with them. It was about 2 hours long and then we drove up to Ka’anapali for lunch and….you guessed it….more shopping. Home for dinner (our last one with Don’s sister and our new brother-in-law) and sitting around talking until bedtime.

Tomorrow, after a lovely breakfast it is off to the airport and sending them back to a West Coast kind of winter. Brrr!

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