The Best Kept Secret On Maui

Yesterday we traveled up (or down) the one road we have yet to take. Yes, there really WAS one. Not any more. We drove to the Town of Makawao, actually looking for one bakery we have heard so much about and found so much more.

We were told that if you don’t get to this bakery early, you lose. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good grief Batman, they don’t lie. We got there about 10:15 – 10:30 a.m. and two and one-half large display cases are GONE. We purchased 7 different types of donuts,  (term loosely used here.) A  couple were filled with a cream custard filling that was almost more than the donut covering them. In a word or three…ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR.

The name of this bakery is called KOMODA. Google it and read how this started so long ago.

We laid our treasure box in the trunk and started to walk around town and went into the most incredible gallery we have ever been to. The owner should be in Lahaina and really go to town. Exquisite art pieces and jewelry like you have never seen. The name of this gallery is David Wertheim’s Makawao  Fine Art and Wertheim Contemporary. There is one painting in there that has our name on it but a little later as Spain calls first.

We continue our stroll, in and out of many shops, checking out places for food and being amazed what this ‘secret’ offers. It is a town of 6,000 people and it is so busy with cars and people it makes you wonder why other small towns don’t wake up and see the potential that awaits.

We found the best restaurant called Casanova’s. This is Italian in theme and a menu to drool over. Get this…we bought donuts, right? Now listen to our reasoning here…….we are starting to watch our intake, so we will just have a salad and a glass of wine. Yes?

Don ordered a Mediterranean salad with Kalamata olives, grilled red peppers, cucumbers, (peeled and seeds scooped out,) goat cheese, purple onion slivers, rocket, a lovely dressing. and topped with grilled shrimp and I ordered a Burrato (made in Maui) and tomato salad. I heard harps playing, I swear, when it arrived. The tomato is whole and large, skin removed and warm, topped with a ton of Burrato cheese, drops of olive oil around the plate, alternating with drops of balsamic vinegar.

Our lovely server, Alyssa, was really on top of it all, smiles abound. She bribed us with a starter of warm, freshly made focaccia bread and a dish of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.  Intake? Bashaw!

When we arrived, there was 4 other people…when we left, it was packed. Yup! They know what they are doing here.

This is no longer a secret and are sorry we didn’t know about this three weeks ago. Next time……




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