Earl’s Restaurant, Penticton

Yesterday we had a few hours to spend in Penticton before heading north to a family Easter dinner. As a special treat we went to Earl’s Restaurant. When we got there, it was almost empty. No one greeted us at the door….they always have someone at the door (cute and big smiles).

Four people ahead of us were  sitting waiting to be seated. The Hostess showed up and  she just stood there with menus in hand, saying nothing to them. She looked at me and I held up two fingers and she led us off to a booth. I admit, I am heavier than I should be but I have lost 15 lbs. and shouldn’t have a problem sitting down. I couldn’t get in. I tried the other side and there was no problem. Don tried to get in the other side and he couldn’t. The space on both sides in not equal. But, the Hostess said nothing and simply stood there saying “do you want to move?”.

We moved to another booth on the other side of the restaurant and a young man pops up, wishes us a Happy Easter and brings us our coffee and soda (as asked). We looked at the three different, but old, menus handed us and re-read them over and over. The menu here is really fallen down and needs a total revamp. There was not one thing that looked appetizing to either of us.

When the server came back for our order, we politely apologized saying we had changed our mind, stating we weren’t hungry yet, and would just have our beverages. He said that was fine. It was his last shift as he was now going to be the bartender.???? He brought us our bill and then stood there awkwardly trying to carry on a conversation and then walked away. I assumed he was hoping we would pay him immediately because he was leaving or going on a break or something.

We paid our bill and left. We did, however, go one block down and went to a restaurant that was…oh yeah, packed with people.

When our friend Daiya was there, everyone was on the ball, the restaurant was always packed and it was busy. Now that she is no longer there, you can see the difference. Too bad!


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