Flamenco Dinner Show-Sevilla

I wasn’t able to write about the Flamenco show the other night as the wi fi wasn’t working too well and we were tired when we got back.

We took the coach to the restaurant and were seated in the best section of the restaurant. We were at the back but were raised a small tier higher than the front section. It seems moments after they have taken your drink order, the lights go down, the stage lights up and the show begins.

The rhythm of the hand clapping out the tempo and the sound of the feet on the stage only complements the speed of the dancers feet and the colours of the costumes have to be seen and heard in the real, before understanding this dance and appreciating the strength and stamina this takes.

One male soloist must have danced a full 8 minutes at a speed you didn’t think could be accomplished and then a female dancer does the same thing.

There are many dancers and it ends far too soon. Oh yeah, the dinner was good as well but we were eating by candlelight. Then, because we were with Insight, we went down and had pictures taken with the dancers.

A dream come true



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