Melia Sarria Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

This is, as has been our habit for the past two weeks, another fabulous hotel. But wait, you cannot believe the great elevators.

They are marked A,B,C,D and you walk over put in your floor number, then it clicks on the elevator you are to take. No guess work and no buttons to play with on the interior. I think it is fun to do. No one can see where you are going. Great security feature.

The rooms are very nice,modern, but arranged differently than any we have been in so far. We are here for 3 more days before we leave for France, and are delighted to find a series of drawers to empty our cases and live almost normally.

Breakfast is another delight for the eyes and your tummy so be prepared for all you see. We went shopping today, a little anyway, and will simply retire tonight in the comfort of our room. Tomorrow we will go down,  have a massage and I want a manicure before we head out again.

Silly guess, of course we would return. The Melia hotels are mighty awesome places to stay in.

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