Mon Restaurant and Music, Valencia, Spain

I know, I know I am playing catch up, but it HAS been busy. When we were in Valencia (which is the biggest secret of all of Spain) we opted out on a free night to explore. With new friends in tow, we went off and joined a few more of our group at the Mon Restaurant and Music.

It is a street café and musicians come and go, each one different from the last. We lucked out with a young gent who played guitar and sang with a beautiful voice.  That’s all you need to know…we did tip him, of course! well, I did!

We ordered two Paella dishes and shared with each other. The Paella in Spain is very different than what they make in, say, France, or your home town. It is basically rice and saffron with a few pieces of shrimp or chicken and may a clam or mussel or two. At home we have tons of seafood with a little rice. BUT in the defence of Spain, the flavour was magnificent. Add a glass or two of the grape and it was a wonderful evening.

Some in our group didn’t like the dish until they heard the difference from our Tour Guide, Elena. It was a wonderful meal, entertainment was great and, if you get here, it is a few blocks down from the Post Office.  Make sure you look for this one, you won’t be disappointed.

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