Vincci Albayzin Hotel, Granada, Spain

I am a day or two slow at talking about this beautiful hotel in Granada, but let’s be honest here. The weather has been unusually HOT and when you are travelling, it can take it’s toll on the old body of mine.

The lobby, as with any hotel that Insight has put us in, has been top-notch. The bathrooms are all different, but with a little patience and a sense of humor, it all works out.

The breakfasts in this hotel was wonderful and we had a fabulous dinner in the hotel dining room one evening. We had musicians there for a few moments (they had two other restaurants to go to (for Insight), but you are guaranteed great meals.

The staff are very friendly and accommodating and you have nothing to worry about.

If you travel to Spain and Portugal and wish to find wonderful, clean and welcoming hotels, this should be one of them.

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