Vis a Vis Restaurant, Victoria, B.C.

While visiting the Island this past week, we stopped in at this restaurant purely by chance. We had been up since 2:30 a.m. to catch the plane to get to Victoria and it is now 10:00 a.m. I begged to stop and at least get a coffee.

In we go, and they had the door open. I made the comment that we were so cold and…get this…the server promptly brought me a big cup of freshly made coffee and a soft blanket for each of us to get warm. He closed the door and all was well.

He mentioned they had just opened for breakfast the day before and, honestly, they should have done so when they first opened the restaurant up. It has to be the BEST breakfast ever. I do not kid you.

We perused the menu and I ordered a breakfast sandwich. Sounds simple right? Well it is not. It is served on a brioche bun with an egg, bacon, slice of tomato, cheddar cheese and..wait for it…a lemon aioli. This, alone, made the sandwich a whole new experience. Also, a bowl of fresh fruit that you could actually eat. Not hard and tasteless. The serving of this is quite large. I had asked to downsize my order. It starts out with 2 eggs. I could not have accomplished that.

Don ordered the fresh lox and capers Eggs Benedict. He drooled through the whole meal. Also, it came with a bowl of fresh fruit. He loved, loved, loved it. Trust me, he downsized as well. Two would have been far too much.

This restaurant is French…décor, music being played and the menu. The breakfast side of the restaurant is smaller but with a sidewalk/street setting as well. If the weather had been conducive, we would have sat outside. This reminded us of a French Bistro in France.

We did not enter the dining room. We were too busy conversing with our server (owner?). He didn’t wear a tag and I neglected to ask his name, but this is service  beyond what you would see anywhere else.

We will return over and over again. This is the real deal.

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