Denny’s Restaurant – Penticton

Well, you can’t say we don’t keep trying to get a positive result from this restaurant, but it wasn’t this time. In fact, we have decided not to return.

We went around 4:30 p.m. on a Thursday (yesterday) for a quick light supper as we were going to attend another function that started at 5:30 p.m. Should be easy, right?

There was 6 people in the restaurant when we arrived and, as the young man was telling the 2 ladies in the booth next to us, they didn’t have any servers on staff at this time, and he was ‘it’. So…..

I ordered a coffee to start and while we were perusing the large menu, still no coffee. He came back and told me they were making a new pot. Okay, I will wait. After a long wait, he returns with the coffee and asks if we were ready to order. We ordered and Don requested a coffee as well. He says okay and leaves.

We waited a good 20-25 minutes for the food to arrive. I turned around and saw my waffle on the shelf and no sight of Don’s s food. Seven or eight minutes later and turning around many times to check it still hadn’t come out.  Don looked up and finally saw the young lad picking up the plates to bring out.

Now, let’s get this right….Don ordered the chicken-fried steak, eggs and fries. I ordered the seniors waffle, 1 egg and 2 slices of bacon. Don’s came out and it was hot, meat was almost non-existent (really small) and my poor old waffle was cold, the bacon came out and it was cold (separate plate) and now it has 2 eggs (cold, as well and stuck together).I had stressed the senior’s Belgian Waffle Slam which had 1 egg, and about $3-4 dollars cheaper. He had brought out the regular order and really hadn’t listened.  I took a bite and we then waited and waited to catch the eye of our ‘server’. I got up and tried to flag down another person who may be working there and missed the mark. Finally Don waved the young man over and I told him about the waffle ensemble. He asked what could he do about it and Don told him he could get another waffle.He did and what happened? Just the waffle came out. Okay…I ate most of it and then he jumps in and says well how was that? By the way, dear reader we had finished eating already.

I requested a refill on my coffee please. Sure…..wait, and wait, and wait. He strolls over and claims they are making a new pot. (?) I only had 1 cup and Don had 1 cup. they must have a small pot.

I don’t know about Denny’s as a whole, but this restaurant is lacking in all regards: quality of food, training of staff, having staff on hand, having trained Chefs in the kitchen who know what they are doing and the timing of same. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Sorry, guys, you are snoozing too much.





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