The Keg, Nanaimo, B.C.

Anyone who has ever read my reviews, knows I have always raved about The Keg….until now. We moved here 8 months ago and have been there about 5 times. Each time I order the one and only steak I would ever eat and that is what they call ‘the baseball’ steak. Fine. Every time I tell them how I want it cooked, they run away, bring the Manager back so he/she can tell me “we don’t cook it that way”.

I have never asked for a steak to be well done EVER, but when I am the  one paying the bill, what business is it to a cook if I even wanted chocolate sprinkles on it? I don’t but that is what it amounts to. If the Keg wants to buy my meal, then they should be able to tell me that I can’t have it the way I would normally  eat it. They come to me still having a heart beat when you cut into it.

Never mind, last night was the real kicker.

I got a promo telling me about the Lobster specials they have now and not lasting a long time, so I decided to treat Don out. I ordered the Lobster Gratinee and Don ordered the scallops wrapped in bacon. For the entrée, we ordered what they called “to share”. It is 3 yorkies like you have never had.

The lobster gratinee was beyond swimming in butter. Once you removed a slightly over-cooked piece of lobster, there would have been a teaspoon of butter sitting in the small hole of the dish. Times that by 6. Then came the yorkie with a warning. “The yorkie is not warmed up and more bread-like than the normal yorkie”. Okay. When it did come out, it was almost cold to the touch and the gravy/sauce they used one would use in a chicken pot pie not to disguise the delicate flavours of the lobster.

Carrots, celery, chicken stock,  this didn’t go well.  We asked the server to please bring us one that is at least hot.  When it came out, it was hot but still tasted like chicken pot pie.

Sorry guys, when you get a new cook, please let us know and we will come back but not now.


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  1. Don

    I was really disappointed again, the last time my whole meal, the prime rib, was cold and left a coating in your mouth. I will not return.

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