k.d. lang Ingenue Tour, Victoria, B.C.

OMG! We have followed k.d. lang since she started out at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary a few years ago (more than 30)….I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

We arrived in time to have a bite to eat (more later) and then head on to the Theater. Well, we were told the wrong venue and grabbed a taxi to the correct place.

The show started with a young local singer and she had a very pleasant voice but, forgive me, I was too stoked waiting for the show to start, I was becoming impatient within myself. After a break of about 20 minutes or so, the show dramatically started. The stage is black and then a spotlight hits her as she stands there, barefoot and all. Everyone was on their feet and the applause was epic. For me? The tears had already started….

This entertainer is all you could possibly wish for: a voice from God, a sense of humor that is simply delightful (especially when she sang Miss Chatelaine). She is hilarious. She sang, in order, all the songs on her Ingenue CD from 35 years ago. She got shattering applause and whistles when she sang several of these songs, well stored in our memory banks but the world stood still when she sang Hallelua. All I could do was sob. No one, absolutely no other human being can sing this song with such passion, from the heart and was felt throughout every and all the goose bumps in the Theater.

For me, this was a major ticket on my bucket list and if she ever comes this way again,. we will be there. For you? Make the effort to get there, walk or crawl. She is so worth it and you will never, ever be disappointed.

k.d. lang….THANK YOU. You made me feel so happy inside.

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