Bodhi’s Artisan Bakery

Yesterday, while they were clearing the pipes in our parking area, we had to leave and go…shopping? Well, while we were taking the ‘scenic’ tour from our place we were passing a Bakery and decided to give it a try. We had time before the stores open.

We have passed this Bakery many, many times and always think we should try it. We have tried several of the Bakeries here and have not found one that was really exceptional but in we go. This Bakery is small in size BUT you cannot imagine when you try their Scones (just like what we had in Ireland) or their Bread Pudding, just how exceptional this is. This pudding I have to tell you is in individual servings but could very easily serve two. Uh uh….that did not happen.

I could not believe the flavour, texture or yumminess of Don’s scone. Truly! The bread pudding I chose looked too yummy to not try. OMG! I make a New Orleans Bread Pudding and, although it is good, the texture and flavour of this from the Bakery is like velvet.

The coffee is also exceptional. The owner comes around with the coffee pot to refill your cup. Imagine that.

We are not finished with this Bakery – far from it. The free form breads, the scones, tarts, cream puffs are just saying “come on back”. We really will.

If you are ever here in our beautiful City, you have to go here and just take it all in. Thank you Bodhi’s for being a Bakery as it should be.

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