Outback Steakhouse, Kihei, Maui

We had never been to this brand before and wanted to give it a try. We went in and were promptly seated. Don ordered his beer and the luncheon special which was 6 ounce sirloin steak and fries for their Walkabout Wednesday special.

I ordered my usual glass of wine and then ordered a bowl of their baked potato soup as well as their  8 pce. mac ‘n cheese bites. Don says I’m crazy to order mac ‘n cheese in a restaurant but I had to try it.

The steak was okay but a little more cooked from what Don ordered and nothing really spectacular. The mac ‘n cheese was very dry to what we are used to, but perhaps that is the Australian way, but their soup was quite nice. Only, as a word of caution, order a cup of soup not a bowl. It is colossal in size.

Our server was really great and, to be fair, we would have to return to try something else on their menu.

There was no one in the restaurant when we got there and when we left there were only four more. It is located in a large Mall area with other restaurants, bank, Safeway, etc. so gets lots of traffic.

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