Delicado’s, Old City Quarter

While we were out and about, Don says let’s go see the older part of Nanaimo. We have been here about 18 months and have never been here so off we go.

It is enchanting to say the least…lots of little restaurants and shops that you have probably never heard of, but so quirky and interesting.

We decided to try the restaurant called ‘Delicado’s’. Very small but oh, my, talk about busy. You go inside and read the menu board, look in the salad cooler and place your order. Wait a very short time and then you can either eat inside or outside  onto their patio (which we did). It is lively, lots of fun and with really awesome staff as well.

If  you know what you want, you can phone your order in and then just go pick it up. You have the choice also if you wish to take their salsa or chipotle sauces in larger containers to take home. The prices are not expensive.

I had a wrap called the California because it was 1 of 2 items that did not have onions. It is  a flour tortilla filled (really filled) with chicken, mexi cheese, tomato, avocado and sunflower sprouts. I asked for no ‘heat’. It was delicious.

Don ordered a Chicken Toastada and ate every bit of it. Southwest rice and beans topped with chicken and cheese. His level of heat was a 3 but said he could have gone another level.

It is a delight to find and, yes, we definitely will return. Love the vibe. Now off to see more shops. Great day!




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