Soundwave Choir- The Port Theatre

Boy am I glad we live here in Nanaimo. A very dear friend gave Don and I tickets to go hear this choir. Believe me, it is  a choir unlike anything you would or could imagine. Let me explain…

The choir consists of 75 bodies all ages up to and including a lovely lady of 91 years old. They are lively, spirited and simply fun to watch and listen to.

The Choir Director is someone you would love to know and be called a friend with. Holly Wright never stops playing her guitar, singing and directing a band she calls the Holly Hot Band. You can feel the love they share of the music, the jokes she tells and comments whispered aside but, of course, wanting all to hear and a genuine love for each other. Everyone in the audience knows the songs and sings along as well. What? We weren’t supposed to? Couldn’t help ourselves.

Another thing I am very passionate about NOW. Holly wrote a song about dementia, after her experiences at  Eden Gardens and I hope and pray she will get it recorded for everyone to hear. She says it is on her site but I couldn’t find it. This is a song from the heart to your heart and it is beautiful. By the way…I do not believe there was a dry eye in the house when she was done.

Again, another huge win for Nanaimo. Thank  you Holly Wright, The Soundwave Choir and the Holly Hot Band members. The evening was pure fun and so uplifting. Don’t quit this job please. We all need it and you.


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  1. Don Paquette

    Right on!! The 50’s, 60’s up to the 90’s are the “great age” of singing entertainment. And for us who are born in that era,, this evening was pure magical.

  2. Tara

    You are lucky to be in Nanaimo. I have seen Holly perform with earlier bands and she has always brought that passion and love to her music. I will keep an ear out for her new recording, I am sure it is beautiful

  3. Jerry Schneider

    A short video segment from CHEK about SoundWave Choir:

    Her songs are available for 99 cents at:

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