Upset With Community Event

Let me say firstly I do not care which way your kilt flies. I don’t. BUT I am appalled at the arrogance of the leaders of the LGBT group regarding their parades. They think (and they get away with it) that the Police cannot appear in uniform during their parade, then they have the nerve to tell two major corporate supporters of their cause that they cannot walk in their parade all because they used the democratic right to freedom of speech. The Library allowed a speaker, with opposing belief, to speak and the LGBT group threw a hissy fit.

You want acceptance, understanding and support and come off as spoiled kids. Support you? hmmm  not so sure any more. You might not agree with me about any subject you want to pick on. Then, I would be banned as well.

Grow up, put on your big show and quit stuffing it all down everyone’s throat, constantly, 24/7. Our world is truly big enough for all of us. We will never agree all the time and that is the way it should be. Understanding one another? YES. Listening to one another? Absolutely. Bullying? Never.

Sorry, but this is my democratic right. I have an opinion. You may or may not agree with me BUT that doesn’t mean I am wrong.

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