Home Show, Nanaimo

For the third time since we moved here, we attended the Home Show.It doesn’t cost anything and, I believe this year, that was a good thing.

With the hype now about heat pumps there was, I think, 5 different companies represented, then we had two companies who wash the outside of your homes,etc. , 3 companies who will give you a great funeral, 1 that offered cruises, 1 selling sheets, 1 offering financial assistance, a couple of jewellery counters, 1 rock station, two companies who offered out face creams etc, and an odd assortment of what-ever.

What was really bad this year was the aggressive, almost insulting, way the venders attacked anyone within 20 feet of their station. The worst was the young men handing out the face cream samples. They were relentless.

The worst was no vender selling coffee, or pop, or anything that would help you want to stay. He was here the preevious two years and was missed. There is no real offering for what matters to the homeowner. Not all of us need or are even interested in what you offered this year. There was a group of other people who was just ahead of us going in and were ahead of us leaving and they were muttering the same thing.

When leaving I mentioned the lack of coffee to a lady at the Information Desk and she scoffed at me, and then I asked her to mention to those in charge about the aggressiveness of the venders. She said ‘call the manager” and turned away.

Yup! Sure want you to come back again.

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