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The other day we tried to purchase tickets to the Downton Abbey movie but found they didn’t open until 12:30 p.m. for ticket sales and it was now only about 11:15 a.m. With Montana’s across the parking lot, we decided to go and grab a quick bite and then come back to get the tickets.

We got in, ordered our coffees and then I decided to go for the potato skins (sans onion) and Don ordered the chicken wings.

When the food came out I have never, EVER seen potato skins like this….they had quite a bit of potato left, added the best brisket and their bold bbq sauce. I kid you not, These are the very best I have ever eaten.

Don had the double dusted chicken wings and loved every bit of it. Then, because we still had a few more minutes to go, we ordered the 8 mini donuts which come out HOT and has a warm toffee dipping sauce. Oh Boy!  We have gone over the top today.

I spoke with the Manager and told him what I thought of the potato skins and he said they had already run out of the brisket for the afternoon. It is a new item on their menu and he says everyone has caught on. Fabulous!

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