Troll’s, West Vancouver

I have to admit, freely, that for once due to the most frustrating day at St. Paul’s, and being screwed up with B.C. Ferries at Horsehoe Bay Terminal, we found we had 1 1/2 hours to lose. Our choice is: sit in the car and bemoan the fact of what had just occurred or get up, dust ourselves off (sounds like a song, doesn’t it?) and find a place to eat in the little Village.

Don says he had heard about the BEST Fish and Chips here and I am thinking who told him that? Anyway, off we go and walked into Troll’s Fish and Chips. I had a joking ‘vent’ to the Restaurant Hostess and then we sat down.

This restaurant is truly one of the best. They had a “Happy Hour” special of a bottle of wine for 1/2 price. I have only ever heard of specials on glasses of wine not the bottle. Okay, here is humble pie….I like a  Pinot Grigio and there were two shown. I picked a Wayne Gretzky Okanagan Valley wine and, I have to admit, it is one of the nicest wines I have had the pleasure to consume. No lie, and they bagged it up and we brought it home.

The meals came out without a long delay with our server, Cole leading the way. This young man had the most pleasant smile and demeaner, I jokingly asked Don where our #3 child was. This, also, was a huge surprise. It IS the best Fish and Chips since we moved to the Island more than 3 years ago. Does it sound like we really like this place? I hope so.

We are thinking that missing the Ferry was not such a bad deal. If you miss the Ferry and have the time, go here and order the Fish and Chips.

We WILL be back.


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