Days 11, 12

This was fun. We went for some groceries but decided to take Trevor for breakfast before hand. When we got to Three’s Restaurant we were given the runaround where, with 4 empty tables set for 2 and a larger table set for 6, we were told there was a 30 minute wait.

Trevor offered a good tip and the fact we would be really quick. The hostess, with no regard for respect or courtesy said no the server was afraid of  the size of her tip, just in case a party of 6 showed up..  By the way, there was no one behind us waiting to get in. Really?  We left.  Went to another restaurant and the server there said she has heard the same complaint over and over.

After getting groceries and putting them away, we left for Lahaina and the luau. The luau was beautiful and again, very different from previous shows we witnessed here, The show was over by 8:15 and Trevor drove the ‘old folks’ home.

Today was quiet and very hot outside. We took it easy and simply relaxed.

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