Cheeselady’s Gouda Cheese, Glasgow Glen Farm

This weekend was a special one in our home. Our daughter, who is with us temporarily, was celebrating her birthday. We haven’t been together for about 28 years due to the fact we lived in two different Provinces. Let me continue…..

We were watching a cooking show on TV about a week or so ago and the two Chefs travel all over, going from one farm to another gathering produce, meats/poultry, fruits, etc. and then preparing a gourmet meal and inviting all the contributors to get together and enjoy the meal.

They made such a to do about the cheeses they had gathered (Glasgow Glen Farm, P.E.I) who make Beer Gouda, Mustard/Pepper Gouda and the biggest surprise and best ever is the Bluda Gouda. OMG! Not sharing that one and I have never, ever put blue cheese anything in my mouth before. Don didn’t tell us and we thought we were eating the Beer Gouda and I thought it tasted even smoother than the day before. When I said something, he just laughed and told what it was we had just eaten.

Customer Service is a big thing with me and Jeff McCourt excelled. Speed of delivery, not getting upset with an old lady worrying about if it would arrive in time for our big P.E.I dinner, and putting in a little extra puts this company right at the top.

Thank you Jeff and we will be doing this again at Christmas. Just sayin’.

My next review is with more P.E.I. goodies.


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