Turley’s Flowers-Nanaimo

Following surgery, my Uncle from Calgary ordered flowers from Turley’s. When I called him to thank him and told him how lovely they were, he replied “they bloody well better be”. I didn’t understand what he meant at the time.

Later that evening Don and Kelly both said Costco have the exact same thing. I told them they must be mistaken. Well, people, they weren’t wrong. In Costco this a.m. while buying flowers for a friend following her surgery, there in buckets is the exact same bouquet, each and every flower the same and the display, vase and bow, exactly. Difference is he paid approximately $150.00 including delivery and Costco – $29.99.

I always knew they were expensive but this is really off the wall. Question: Do they sinply buy from Costco and charge 5 x’s the amount? Just asking.

I was a florist with 2 flower shops in Calgary, so not a dummy when noticing the charges out there.

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