Dinghy Dock Pub, Protection Island, B.C.

We have been here a few years now and always say we should go here and see what it is like. Well. we did, twice in one week. On Wednesday Don and I took the ferry over to the Pub and Wow! What fun. We had the best server ever with Ashley and also help from a young man whose name I didn’t catch. The weather was perfect and the hornets were pesky as usual but certainly not unbearable.

I ordered my usual beverage as did Don and then the fun….what to order. I chose the dirty fries and Don ordered the Crab cakes (plus one more for me to try). The fries are unbelieveable. There is enough to feed 4. Cheesy, with tomatoes, Onions (if you have to) and 3 more cheeses. These are to die for they are so good. Don’s crab cakes were tasty as well.

On to Sunday…the three of us went over and then the fun began. We all ordered our beverages of choice and Kelly and I ordered the Fish Tacos and Don ordered Fish and Chips.

For me, these were the best Fish Tacos I have ever eaten. I thought another restaurant in town had good ones but these top the list  (even way superior to those we had in Maui). Hint: Don’t  let the cook change a thing about them and keep them that good.

Don enjoyed his meal as well but now we had to come home to birthday cake. Due to Covid we were not able to bring it with us. So Kelly had to endure the singing of the two of us.

We will definitely be back and I hope you, if you haven’t already been,  go and enjoy it. It is fun, fun,. fun and be sure to ask for Ashley’s station. I will order the Fish Tacos.

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  1. Don Paquette

    What a great pub and lucky find. Can’t beat the scenery… passing boats of all shapes and sizes and an ocean view of the city. Would I go back? yes!

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