Top Notch Burgers-Nanaimo

Yesterday, after running a few errands, Don thought going to the Top Notch Restaurant for a burger was a good idea. Guess what? It was better than that.

When we got there, it was packed with the exception of one table with only one server to handle it all. Kim was our server. This means she takes your order, get your beverages, serves your choice of  meal, takes your payment and then cleans up after the customers leave. It is a big deal for one person.

Don and I shared a burger and fries, ordered a coffee and pepsi and waited for it to come out. The burger was awesome and the fries even better. there was just one drawback. When we ordered the burger, we requested no onions. Okay, no big deal BUT the cook put green onions all over the fries. To me, that was disgusting. The smell almost did me in. I gave them all to Don and even he left them on the plate.

Please understand, when someone requests no to an ingredient it is either because of an allergy or total dislike.

We will go back because their burgers are top notch, hence the name of the establishment.

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