Mahle House,

We started going here and found it to be so fantastic (and a bit $$$) but so, so worth it, we said birthdays/anniversaries only. So, it began with Kelly’s birthday, then Carole and this past weekend with Suzanne and her husband, Victor.

We raved and raved about the food and what we would order, especially the Porcupine Shrimp. These are to die for.

Now it begins….Victor ordered the meal we had raved about…what came out was not even a close resemblance and it was so disappointing.

It was the braised short rib meal and it was NOT anywhere close to what we had.

Then came the steak dinner that Kelly and Don shared…well they both said it was totally unseasoned and they would not order it again.

I had always shied away from the Kale Caesar Salad (I hate kale) and they served something like the ‘salad’ I was served in Salt Lake City. 1/4 of a head of Romaine lettuce and a ton of dressing. That was it. Nothing was cut up (or torn), just this lump of lettuce. Maybe it is easier for men to attack this, but for women, I’m not sure.

Suzanne ordered the Seafood HotPot and she loved every bite of it. Don had this the last time we were here and he also loved it.

Now, it was Suzanne’s birthday and we have always had the wonderful dessert that was deconstructed with a chocolate layer on top. As the birthday girl is a chocolate lover, that is what we ordered (or thought we did). What came out was a lovely dessert and believe me, all three plates were almost licked clean, but it was not what we hoped it would be.

If there is a new Chef, please show him the way. We really love this restaurant but it was a disappointment to ‘show off’ Nanaimo’s best place for fine dining and it wasn’t this time.

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