A Man Called Otto, The Movie

I have to start by saying Mr. Hanks, although a super actor, has not been a favourite of mine UNTIL NOW. I am sure that 50 plus years from now, this will be the movie most revered and remembered as his best.

The movie has so many truths in it it and some pretty good laughs. Tom Hanks draws you into this movie and, to be honest, you don’t want to leave it. I would go again to watch this movie.

I rarely go out and voice opinions on movies but, please, run – don’t walk to the theatre to watch this. His wife in real life, Rita Wilson, did a smash up job on this as the movie director and it is a real winner.

Again, run to the theatre…… oh,  be sure to buy the popcorn and be sure to ask for the butter to be ‘layerd’. YUM!


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  1. don paquette

    I agree, Tom Hanks played a truly difficult role to perfection. To me he’s always been a winner and this is just a continuation of his acting talent. Go see it folks.

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