Cactus Club Staff, Nanaimo

I have been reviewing Restaurants and Hotels for many, many years now and usually mention the server of the day. It is time to really acknowledge how great Management has been in their selection of hiring personnel in the Cactus Club.

The number one Manager we have met, and chatted with on many occasions is Logan. This young man is on top of everything and he always does it with a sincere smile and honest approach. His greatest asset is he listen to what you have to say and will take appropriate action if necessary. He truly is incredible. when you go, simply say Hi and you will see for yourself.

Our server was Tara and, again, they know how to hire their people. She was polite, quick to observe and a nice smile and demeanor. She did not leave any of her tables without prompt attention. We watched and I can verify that.

The staff are all in black (to be uniform) but it varies in length, side splits, and slacks but always very presentable. If you watch them as they scurry around a crowded room, they have a smile on their faces and not one that is fakely pasted on.

This is another reason we love the Cactus Club as well as their consistently prepared food.

The only thing to remember is to make a reservation before you go. Just sayin’.

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  1. Kelly Palamaryk

    Agreed! Cactus Club definitely has a great business model that they operate from. Consistency with their food + excellent staff = win/win.

    Absolutely one of my favourite places to spend my money and enjoy an excellent meal.

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