I know A Perfect Painter In Nanaimo

Due to the fact that we have no more room for ‘stuff’, I gave my husband an Anniversary gift of having the main floor of our house painted. When we first moved into our home, I had 12 different shades of grey that became more blue as time went on, so I picked out a beautiful colour (one only) and then tried to find a painter.

A lot can be learned, some come right away and it looks like you have made a commitment with them, and NO, you never hear from them again, or the quote is so high, it becomes laughable. My daughter said “call my neighbor, he is a professional painter and has been for more than 30 years. I did and I am so glad I did.

Out he came, walked through with me, gave me a quote (which I thought was too small, upped it and we had a deal. He showed up (as he said he would), did his prep work as he went around, three rooms took 3 coats of the new colour and the balance was two. He is clean and never leaves a mess behind.

On the 4th day, when  he would have been finished, he walked around, touched up the things the first painter had not done,  did his final walk through, and left.

I highly recommend him and if you want, I can tell you how to reach him. Our only thing is,  and I guess most people don’t, we fed him lunch, offered him treats once in a while. He is totally professional, honest as they come, and very pleasant to have in your home.

His name in Kelly, and if you wish to contact him, give me a nod. Then call him if you are truly needing a painter, and don’t waste his or your time by not being honest about what you want.

By the way, our home is now brighter, fresher looking and I am thrilled.


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