Shingata Salon, Penticton, B .C.

About 5 weeks ago, I wanted to try a new salon for a colour and cut. I am not so old that I have stopped caring about my appearance, and would never try to be younger than I am but I needed a change.

I found in Julianna, a very young lady who listened to what I was saying, and gave me a haircut like I haven’t had in years and a hair colour that made sense.

Not only did the colour last but the cut kept its shape even after 5 weeks. So back we went today and she adjusted the colour intensity a bit and I came out with, again, the best haircut. I hope she never leaves and that you, a reader of mine, will get a hold of her and tell her you read it here.She is great and the other young lady (I forgot her name) gave my husband the best two haircuts he has had for a very long time as well.

It is a great salon and they listen and they definitely know what they are doing.



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  1. Julianna Rose

    Wow! I’m blushing! this is so fantastic. We enjoy having you and Don in the salon very much! This blog is great, love the name! I have my mom scrolling your recipes now too. I will definitely be giving some of them a try.
    Damara and I look forward to seeing you two in 5 weeks! hehe 🙂

  2. I too am a big fan of Jul at Shingata Salon! In fact, all the stylists have made me feel like I’m part of their family. I am unable to do my own hair so I often drop in for a Blow Out….Jul or one of the other stylists ALWAYS accomodate me somehow!!!
    When I first moved from Vancouver to Penticton in 2001, I couldn’t find a salon that did highlights with foils. So I would fly to Vancouver for Dr appointments and a hair appointment and fly back.
    Then, I discovered Shingata Salon and I’ve been “Hair Happy” ever since!!!
    Thanks to All the Shingata Gals but particularly, Julianna Rose.

  3. Sara

    I was so happy to read these reviews. I moved to Penticton from Vancouver in 2015 and was skeptical that I’d be able to fine a “decent” hairstylist. . .then I met Amanda at Shingata salon and found I liked her cuts better than what I had been receiving in the “big city”! The colour is dynamite perfect and the cut grows in nicely while keeping its shape – I’ve had some cut and colours last up to 6 weeks. Very happy, friendly and accommodating group of women working at Shingata – I’m lucky to have found this Gem spot.

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