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Roly’s Bistro, Dublin, Ireland

As an extra adventure with Insight Vacations, we went to one of Dublin’s top restaurants: Roly’s Bistro. This establishment has more awards than any other I have ever been to and it was so worth it. The food was superb and the staff right on. We were a group of 40 plus regular customers and no one missed a beat.

I ordered the Roly’s Prawn Bisque (as did most of our table) and it was exquisite. The main course was the Roast breast of chicken with a Parmesan cheese crust, sun dried tomatoes, green beans and a quinoa and rocket salad with a wild garlic aioli. OMG! This was yummy and nothing left on the plate. For dessert I had the baked Lemon cheesecake with a blueberry sauce.  Groan……

Don ordered the Roly’s Dill cured salmon with seared scallops, shaved fennel and orange salad with saffron and citrus dressing. There was nothing left on this plate and for his entrée he ordered the Traditional Kerry Lamb and vegetable pie with roasted parsnip and thyme. His dessert was Pavolva with summer berry compote. Another groan….

Everyone at our table loved all that came to the table and everyone was able to choose what they wanted to try for the first time or was their favourite. Loved this restaurant and the awards did not just happen, it took a lot of work and listening to their customers for wants, likes and please not again.

If we were back  in Dublin, this would definitely be a come back to restaurant.


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Convivia Bistro Cuisine

I know I have talked about this establishment recently, but never for a dinner sitting. On Friday night, four of us went to celebrate two birthdays. When we arrived it was almost full but there were a couple of tables out on the deck. Even though it was nice and warm, we sat inside and enjoyed a wonderful meal with ambience and a terrific server.

My girlfriend (birthday #1) ordered the Calamari with a Provencial Aioli, followed by the Pirate pasta dish consisting of shrimp, scallops, crabmeat, fresh cream and mozzarella cheese. She loved it. Her wine choice was the Pinot Gris.

Her beau ordered the French onion soup and a goat cheese pizza. His choice of beverage was a sour apple cider.

My husband (birthday #2) started with a Tropical Ceviche. This was seafood, lime and cilantro. No crumbs left here. Then he ordered the lasagna. Meat sauce, fresh cream, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. He proclaimed it was the best lasagna he had ever eaten. Believe me, that is really saying something. His choice of beverage was O’Doul’s.

I ordered the seared scallops with saffron cream. Okay…if we had been at home, I would have licked the plate. Never have I had anything that was this good in a restaurant, ever. Then came my pasta of choice, Carbonara.  Spaghetti , fresh cream, bacon, ham, egg yolk and parmesan. The amount of bacon and ham was truly amazing. OMG this was delicious. The Pinot Gris was fabulous.

Three of us had the Crème Brulee. This, my friends, was like silk. They added sparklers in the two birthday servings.

The best part of this restaurant? They serve half portions and it is without a doubt the best size as it allows you to actually finish your meal. Oh yes, we will return. This is a wonderful establishment. From the Management, our server and the Chef – kudos. Job perfectly done.

If you are ever in this part of the Province, please go. You will not be disappointed, I promise.


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