Scouzi’s Restaurant – Vancouver, B.C.

I cannot remember a restaurant that so sincerely welcomed customers to the establishment as the owner of this restaurant. So sincere and so pleasant, it was a treat to be seated outside on a beautiful sunny morning with friends.

Our friends ordered the famous Breakfast Pizza to share. It was made up of scrambled eggs, lean ham, fresh tomatoes and spinach baked with mozzarella cheese. Sharon had tea and Gary ordered coffee. They really liked it and claim it would be too much for one person.

Don ordered a glass of orange juice and the “Big Breakfast”. It consisted of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, toast and sausage which had been cut in half length-wise and fried. He had fruit pieces on his plate. The orange juice came with a wedge of fresh orange in the juice and a slice of watermelon and large strawberry on the side of the glass. Amazing!

I ordered the cinnamon bun. Now, this was not just a cinnamon bun. There were slices/pieces of: watermelon, blackberries, strawberries, grapefruit, orange, raspberries, passion fruit, cherry, pomegranate and cantaloupe and three more that have actually slipped my mind, over the top and sides of the bun then topped with warm honey. OMG! OMG! Both Don and I had coffee to top it all off.

The waiters were as friendly as the owner. This must be one of Vancouver’s best restaurants for breakfast.

Prices were $$ so it was reasonable. We will definitely return.

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