Salty’s Beach House, Penticton

Yesterday, while on the way to Kelowna to pick up what I thought was to be my sister-in-law-turned-out-to-be-my-daughter surprise, we stopped in for lunch at Salty’s. (It had been a while or so it seemed).

We decided to split something and went for the Bahama Breeze Pizza. Now, here is a pizza. Beautiful, thin  crust that is topped with Prawns, scallops, bacon and roasted garlic, oven-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, manchego cheese, avocado and wasabi lime vinaigrette. 

Then because it was my birthday we were going to celebrate,  they brought out a key lime tart with their birthday wishes. Wow, this was great. The tart was absolutely divine.

Now we go to pay and the girls gave us lunch as a gift. Totally unexpected but extremely touched. Thank you Daiya and our great server.

I may never order anything but this pizza ever again. Don had it last time and I only tasted it. This time we shared but next time… will be mine-all mine. Darn this is one fine pizza.

Note to Reader: This is second time in a week we had TWO fabulous pizzas and none were in a pizza establishment. Way to go Penticton.

You don’t have to ask if we will return here… is always a definite yes. Great food, great service and wonderful ambience right across the street from the Lake.


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  1. Julianna Rose

    What a great couple of surprises!

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