Earl’s – Second Time Around

Not to sound like a sceptic, BUT sometimes when you return to a restaurant you were thrilled with is not the same the second time around. Well, let me tell you…last night my beloved and I went back to Earl’s Restaurant. We asked for our ‘famous’ server and learned she now has a teaching job (good for her) and only works on the weekends, but my smile was beginning to fade at this point.

We were seated and a charming young fella, Dusty, was to be our server. Again, Earl’s have really stepped up the program. Dusty not only knew all the food on the menu but also the wines. I asked for a glass of wine and told him my grape preference. Dusty showed up with two ‘tasters’. I chose one and was really pleased with the opportunity to be able to make that choice and not be stuck with a horrid house wine (as is the case in a lot of establishments.)

I watched carefully the Chefs in the kitchen (open concept here) and the main man (Beau) always had a smile on his face, seemed to be in touch with the others in the kitchen and the food was always spot on. I again ordered the scrumptuous Chicken and Brie Sandwich (they tell me it is their best seller). All commercial kitchens should have a Chef of the calibre of Beau.

My beloved chose the Gyoza dumplings served with a Japanese mustard/cream mix and a soy reduction. It was awsome. So tasty! Good For Earl’s. Again, two thumbs up for me. My one comment would be to check out this site for signature drinks. I didn’t care for any of theirs, but that is just me.

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  1. Jessika

    Yay Dusty. A great friend and incredible server. I am so glad to hear that your second time back was as enjoyable as the first. It really is a special group of people there… I am keeping busy with teaching and so I only work evenings during the week. Hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you two again! Looks like you’ve been keeping busy and the Corn Chowder recipe with pancetta that you shared is one of my favourites- I make it whenever I’m craving some comfort food 🙂

    All the best,

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