Cactus Club Hurrahs

As my husband is undergoing testing to see if he qualifies to be a recipient of a heart transplant, we were staying in Burnaby with daughter, Suzanne. It was also Don’s birthday so we picked the Cactus Club on Kingsway. We were met at the front  door by a lovely lady, Sasha, who promptly told us of the specials of the day (both food and drink).  This is so crucial to establishments. When  Daria appeared to take our order she explained the flavours and  textures of our orders as well as the drinks. You can tell if they have actually tasted the food or are just reciting what they have been told to say. Daria knew this inside and out. This lady has an incredible smile.

Suzanne and I had the salmon sandwich which is perfection on a plate with, of course, yam fries while Don had the shortrib sandwich and salad. He exclaimed the sandwich was also perfect in flavour and texture. Again this was as advertised.

From my blog you will note that my favourite signature drink is a martini and chocolate is the #1. Daria explained that one called “Flirtation” or “Flirtini” was really good. Yes it was and,  as you can see, not remembering what the correct name is might have something to do with it.


After our meal, I presented Daria with my card asking if we could use her name and she said yes. A few minutes later, a young gentleman passed by and asked if there was anything we needed or wanted. A few minutes later, he came back with a complimentary birthday dessert with 3 forks (bless him) and started to talk to us. I asked him if Daria mentioned our table to him and he said yes. Nick Gontes is the manager (yes, this was him). I explained how I first became attracted to the Cactus Club in Calgary. If you have never been to the Cactus Club, ladies you are in for a treat. They have, without question, the VERY BEST WASHROOMS of any establishment, anywhere.


Would I go back? Absolutely! Rob Feenie (Iron Chef Rob) developed a dessert to make a grown person cry it was sooooooo lovely.  Now, if the Cactus Club would only consider coming to Oliver B.C.  to draw on all the tourists and established patrons-to-be. There isn’t a really good place to dine, except for some of the golf club restaurants and the need is there.  Go, you will see for yourselves.

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