Joey’s Only Restaurant-Penticton, B.C.

On a shopping trip to Penticton, we decided to go to Joey’s Only Restaurant   (back in 1988 while living in Calgary, it was THE hottest restaurant in town). It wasn’t as full as we remember them being but, to be fair, it was SO nice out I know the golf courses, gardening stores etc were busy.

We ordered our fish and chips. Were they as good as we remember? OH YEAH! Tina, our waitress, was on the ball and never missed a customer as she flew around the room.This is true – it is a  large area to cover.  Rita (manager maybe?) was really cool and knew the business so well. In running around the restaurant, she stopped long enough to compliment me on what I was wearing. She didn’t know who we were or what we did.

Would we go back, HECK YEAH! It was really a nice lunch and a great way to reminisce over the “good old days, as in hockey play offs. Thanks for the memories.

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