Murphy’s Pub – Oliver, B.C.

While in Oliver this weekend, we wanted to watch the hockey game on TV. We were informed of the great food at Murphy’s Pub and decided to go. We were in a fun mood to cheer on the Canucks. We ordered our food – Don had a steak sandwich which came with onion rings, fries, and a salad. He loved it! I had a mushroom swiss burger (Is there any other kind?) I also loved it. But….. Behind us about 15 or so young fellas were there to PARTY and were putting them back pretty good. On the other side of us was a young fella and his female friend. He was SO drunk and looking to take on anyone or anything that looked the wrong way. He kept going to break a bottle of beer on the side of the table and raise it towards his female friend. A bit later a viscious fight broke out, 2 tables went flying, all the food, beer, glasses, bottles (some of which broke) were air borne. They went outside and it continued for a few minutes and it seemed to calm down but a few minutes later it started again and it looked like someone’s  head went through the window at the Buy Low Store. We left before it went any further.

I mention this because 1) they were definitely over served their drinks. The fellow in the fight was so drunk when he arrived he could hardly stand up but they continued to serve him and the others;

2) the server may have been 19 years old but looks like 15 and weighs probably 95 lbs. She had NO support and couldn not have said no to these fellas;

3) the police were called and never did show up. On this, I have a problem.

4) In their defense, the food was really tasty but what happened took it all away and I am really doubtful if I would entertain going back. Too bad. Oliver doesn’t have anything  to go to. The other restaurant in town closes their doors at 8 p.m. ON GAME NIGHT!. Enough said. Sorry Oliver….two thumbs down


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  1. I read your letter regarding Murphy’s Pub and also the preceding blog. However you omitted to provide an address for me to respond directly to you; perhaps you would like to respond to the email address above so we can arrange to meet and discuss your concerns further.

    In defense of Murphy’s Pub, this is the first time I have heard of a serious problem; the lack of response by the RCMP is very likely due to the fact that they are, and have been understaffed for several years. The members in the South Okanagan Detachment have to cover Oliver, Osoyoos and sometimes as far as Keremeos so response to incidents is governed by how many concurrent incidents.

    Having said that, you should contact Murphy’s Pub or the Liquor Licensing Board if you believe over-serving has occurred. Lack of police attendance is a matter which has plagued many communities where staffing is spread thin so I suggest you contact the Osoyoos detachment and talk to Staff Sergeant Lozinski who is in charge and register a complaint.

    Sincerely, Patrick Hampson, Mayor of Oliver

  2. admin

    Mr. Hampson, just because you don’t open your eyes to your hometown doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Passing the buck off to everyone else leaves a bad taste in our mouths. It is happening and it did happen. This is not for families or unsuspecting tourists.

  3. Anonymous

    I never get to see this kind of action when I go to Murphy’s. It’s a small place, but I like. They have a pool table and decent food. Not sure what some people expect, but I’m starting to become a regular.

  4. derrick

    My wife and I called in and ordered two beers and the bill was $9.50.Gave her $10.00 and the bar lady took the mpney and automatically put the change in to her twice glass nothing short of stealing.Will not go back

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