Miradoro Restaurant-Tinhorn Creek Winery

We made our second visit to the Miradoro Restaurant  http://www.miradoro.ca

and took a friend with us.  To say the view is anything less than absolutely breathtaking would be to slight a masterpiece.

One thing I like about eating here is when you arrive, the server shows up with two large bottles of water, 1 sparkling and 1 plain. Your choice. Nice.

Don ordered the daily soup which was shredded chicken with “stuff”. It is called the Chef’s Creation and Don said the broth was great. It is a big serving as well. Then he ordered the baked clams and chorizo in a saffron tomato sauce. He had this on a previous visit and thought the sauce was a little different. Lots and lots of clams and he ate it all. It must have been good.

Carole, our friend, ordered a chicken salad sandwich on ciabatta with arugula pesto and pepper aioli. The problem with this sandwich was she couldn’t cut into it or even bite into it . If the server had asked how we were enjoying our meal,  she would have suggested to him to bring a steak knife. She finally did ask him for a steak knife and even then she couldn’t cut it. Result: she ordered the sandwich on bread. Now, it was good.

I ordered the pizza funghi – wild and cultivated mushrooms, asparagus and Okanagan Chevre. Believe me the crust was a real treat. I haven’t had a pizza that good or tasty before.  Two thumbs up on this one.

Our server could, have,  perhaps. been a bit more attentive. Had to suggest in a loud whisper that we could use another glass of wine. Another server heard me and remedied the situation with class. We had their Gewurztraminer 2010 wine and it was crisp and cold and fantastic.

Is it still a good restaurant. Absolutely! Price-wise for the above was $$$.

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  1. Ashra Sakhem

    Good restrauant observance. I like what you say and how you say it. I will return to your page again thank you. I will go to their restaurant hen they re-open in the Spring.

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