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Last night we went out for dinner at the new Terrafina Restaurant.  http://www.terrafinarestaurant.com/ When I have my day with the hairdresser, and as he has done for 20  years , Don  takes me out to “show off”.  He also had a haircut so it was “double” the fun.  Before I talk about the restaurant, I have to tell you about a “game” being played at the next table.

It isn’t like we were eavesdropping…honest! But when you hear someone say, “I want to play a game” several times, you can’t help but watch when the waitress returns to pick up the credit card to pay for the meal and  you hear them say “pick one, any one”.  Not once but several times, and when she does the  young man keeps saying “I never win”.  I started to laugh and ask them how dumb was that?

Of course, there was lots of laughing and finally the young man said, he played this game all the time and never won but if he did, he would quit. Trust me, this was really funny to watch.

We chose to sit outside under a canopy of grape vines. It was lovely. They might consider putting some kind of cushion on the chairs. Really tough on the old btm.  I love  the winery restaurants when they offer sparkling or plain water at the beginning while you peruse the menu.  Somehow it always seems a step up from someone slamming down a glass of ice water.  The menu is simple in the fact they have several items to choose from but not so many, it looks ridiculous.  Don chose, as his appetizer, a  salata  of tomatoes, bocconcini and basil. (we call this a Mireille salad, after Don’s niece. She was the first to offer this tasty dish to us).  I opted for the seared scallops with crispy pancetta  and pea shoots (I think). It was surrounded with a sauce to die for.  They needed to offer a piece of warm bread or a spoon to allow one to waste none of it. I ordered a glass of their 2009 Pinot Gris. It was the perfect temperature and was “crisp and clean ” to the palate. I really liked it.

Don ordered for his main course, a clam/chorizo linguine.  It came in a large bowl and was stuffed full with clams. He said the chorizo was “hot” and the pasta was perfect. There was a small amount of liquid but not enough to make it look like a soup. He really enjoyed it.

I, of course as is our way, ordered something different. I ordered a pizza that had thinly sliced potatoes on it and it had truffle oil on top. Due to the fact they don’t post their menu, I probably have missed some important ingredients in all what we ordered. BUT, the amount of garlic on this pizza was truly ‘too much”. I love garlic and we cook with it all the time, but this was a tad too much. I ordered a second glass of their wonderful grape and we shared a peach tiramasu.  Now THAT was something. Soooo light and airy. One person couldn’t eat the whole thing so I am glad we shared.

Our waitress was good but could practice explaining the items to the customer so you understand w hat it is you just ordered. We watched a young waiter doing t his with all his tables and it really makes a different.

The restaurant is young (2 months old) and I know they can iron out the kinks.

The price for dinner for two is $$$. Would we come back? Absolutely. It is probably one of our favourite places to come to. The food is a step up and I hope they keep it that way.  They also offer, once a month, a one day cooking course. The cost is $$$ per person.

Check it out!

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