NK’Mip Desert Golf Course, Oliver, B.C.

We have eaten here a minimum of 6 times in a month and a half and love the entrance to the restaurant   http://www.nkmipcanyon.ca/ but think they need a Chef or someone who understands that the best and only their best should be served to the public.

We  tried many things on the menu but find that it lacks polish, freshness (not canned or bottled) and correct temperatures for  the food ordered (not gravy so cold it is still in the jelly stage) and presentation is sadly lacking. We  tried valiantlyand have even taken guests with us and it has not improved as time goes on. We have heard the same comments from others. They should really get it together and more people would go.

Sorry, but we won’t be going back. Too bad, the view is lovely and the golf course is challenging. This means it is for the average to better player.

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