Passa Tempo Restaurant

Boy, did I ever get fooled. I like museums, art showings etc. but usually think going to a culture centre would be old and stuffy. My friends, I’ll let you in on a huge secret. The NK’Mip Culture Centre  is absolutely breathtaking.  First of all, we went for lunch in the Passa Tempo  Restaurant  (Don, Carole and myself). 

Carole ordered a Chicken Club Panini made up of herb marinated chicken, double smoked bacon, gruyere, basil aioli, grape tomato, artisan lettuce salad.  The  chicken was huge pieces of white breast meat (not chintsy here) and the salad was so fresh looking. She loved it.

Don and I ordered the Wine Country Burger with mushrooms, roasted garlic aioli, field tomatoes, gruyere cheese and pomme frites. For Don, he really liked the hamburger. Now comes me, who is shy of spicy foods. After about the third bite, Carole and I switched sandwiches. It was too spicy for me to handle. Carole thought it was great.

Then we ordered (and shared three ways) Molten Chocolate Cake with strawberries sauteed in black pepper and sambuca, vanilla bean whipped cream. The cake was almost over-cooked and there was no whipped cream. But it tasted good.

The service was slow but the restaurant is top notch, the wine centre was exceptional. In fact a couple of their wines, make a few of the other wineries look like beginners. (My amateur taste only).

The culture center was very interesting. They had a show in a theatre with a live baby rattle snake and explained everything you wanted to know about the area, snakes and their habitat. Walk through the exhibits and you come to the outside with more exhibits and you can take a walk through many trails.

Also here is a resort and the facilities looked great.

All in all, it is well worth taking a look and dining out on the patio. Beautiful.  Yes, we will be back with more visitors to our area.

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