Le Vieux Pin Winery/Burrowing Owl Restaurant

Today we played hookey. We  hung a headboard, put up a picture, moved a rocking chair (double seater) and small table and  a bicylclette with plants outside to a seating area, went for lunch at the NK’Mip Restaurant with Carole. After lunch we drove down to a newer winery here, Le Vieux Pin. http://levieuxpin.ca/

The entrance to the winery is really beautiful. Very French with all the lavender, rockery lay out and a game of Petanque . There is also a patio area set out to drink some wine or wait until you are called for a tasting. That was the nice thing. We three were inside and we were tasting their offerings and listening to all the young man had to tell us and,  if someone opened the door, he would ask them to wait on the patio for a few minutes until the next tasting. In other words, you were important to him and he was going to make sure you understood that. WOW! Of course, we bought a bottle of their wine.

After we finished that, we went to the Burrowing Owl Winery for dessert. As always, it was nice, although service was a tad slow.  Now off to the store to get stuff for supper. Don and Carole are making Butter Chicken with Jasmine rice and Carole is making a Green Chili dish. Sounds intriguing. Me? I get to set the table and, of course, clean up. Oh well, tomorrow will be a new day.

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