La Stella Winery

We just completed a winery tour (2) and one of them was the La Stella Winery. The presentation of the staff and the way they conduct their tastings should be taught to all the others. If you and say, another couple of people are tasting their wines at the same time and the door opens and more people are coming in, they will inform  them it will be a few minutes before the next tasting. YOU are the number one ‘customer’ at the time and it feels absolutely wonderful.

Friendlieness is the next plus for this winery and their compatriot, Le Vieux Pin. They really KNOW how to present their wines. 5-6 tastings are the norm and each one is efficiently explained. You won’t leave their establishment without purchasing a wine.

It is a great way to be introduced to wine if you are a beginner.  Go and Enjoy! They tell us there are a few goodies in store over the next few years and it will be a ‘star’ (their logo) in the area. I really like this one. It has become one of my favourites.

They are awsome, the wines, the staff and the way they handle it all.

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