Fairview Golf Course Restaurant

Last night, being Friday, we went out for dinner at the Fairview Golf Course. This is a real nice, casual setting overlooking the 18th Hole.  The evening was spectacular with the sun shining on the mountains in the East as it was setting in the West.

Our server, Sara, is one of the nicest,” real people” in the Valley. They were set up inside for a banquet so it was patio service only. Don ordered a half rack of ribs, green tossed salad and fries. He felt that, due to the banquet about to start, the ribs were done ahead and just re-heated. It was tasty but there was a tad too much sauce on the ribs. He said you could definitely taste the apple in the sauce, as advertised.

I, on the other hand, ordered t he Fairview Burger sans the onion rings, We told Sara to give them to Don. It was a  monster size (6 oz.) burger that had one side of the bun spread with  herbed cream cheese, a pickle, tomatoes, cheese, and crispy bacon. Now that was good.

For a change, we ordered a dessert to share. This time it was the apple galette. Sliced granny smith apple on puff pastry, cheddar cheese, thyme and caramel drizzle, served warm with a dollop of whipped cream.

If there is a kitchen in the beyond, I hope that dessert is on the menu. Wow! it was yummy-yummy.

Dinner is in the range of $$ and yes, we would definitely return. I like this one.

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