Penticton Buffet-A Chinese Restaurant

Today, for a treat, we wanted Chinese food and with all the cars outside (usually a good sign) we stopped to give it a try.

The restaurant is fairly clean, though a tad long in the tooth as in ripped seats (at least they didn’t use duct tape).

The Buffet wasn’t overwhelming. It had onion rings (? in a Chinese Restaurant? Really?) I’m not a fan of “peel and eat” shrimp but Don thought they were okay. It also had: broccoli and other vegetables; The Chicken Balls and Sweet and Sour pork was something I couldn’t cut into; the Ginger Beef which I really love, was far too spicy hot as was the Singapore Noodles for me. Don commented that they were indeed ‘hot’. Just sayin’.

Some people really enjoy the hot, spicy foods but they should carry a sign. The food was not as hot as proper temperatures should be. The Desserts? Better left unsaid. The price is mild (for Seniors) yes, I am one of those creatures, and is in the range of the low $$.

One thing that was a real disappointment for me was Chinese teabag on a saucer instead of loose tea. It is inexpensive and should be added to the teapot before bringing it to the table.

It wouldn’t take very much to bring this up a notch,  especially by adding more choices. Half the line was empty containers.

Would I recommend this as a great Chinese Restaurant to others? I think I will pass.


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  1. Me

    We have been several times and at different times of the day. Certainly, if you go at noon, there is more food and it is hot. I have experience with commercial cooking and I feel that this is a good place to eat. Just go around noon.

  2. admin

    This wasn’t from me, I tried to read the whole comment and that came up. Sorry!

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