Salty’s-Penticton, B.C.

Yesterday, while on the way to the airport, we wanted to go to the Okanagan Lakeside. It had been suggested to us to visit Salty’s for lunch, (Thanks Geneva)

Kelly ordered the Fish Tacos. It consisted of Three flour tortillas stuffed with guacamole, tempura battered prawns, white fish, onions, lettuce and salsa with fresh squeezed lime. I ordered the same thing sans the onions. Kelly had a wedge lettuce ‘salad’ and I, unfortunately, had the fries (After all the visitations I didn’t need one more fry. I do love fish tacos though.

Don had something called Diavola Seafood Pasta. It was fresh clams, mussels, fish, prawns and linguini tossed with a rich savory caper and olive oil tomato sauce. He loved this. 

The setting is very beachy, the staff are young, attentive and friendly. Kudos to the Chefs here. One of them was actually singing  while working. Not loudly, but we could hear him. Happy they are. Price is $$. Can’t wait until we go again.

We sat on the beach for about an hour, enjoying the sun, breeze and watching people in the water and playing on the beautiful sandy beach.

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