Suzy Q Diner – Osoyoos

For the past 10 months, we have driven past this establishment.  Yesterday Don decided we would stop in for lunch. We should have kept going.  I’m not a snob as to size, etc. of a restaurant but cleanliness, upkeep and quality of food would be good.  In fact, that is a must. 

The floor hadn’t been washed OR waxed in quite awhile.  The hamburger I had tasted different from Don’s.  I thought it was overuse of a herb, but Don thought it was because the flat top was not cleaned.

 Plastic tablecloths (none matching) and old, outdated 3-4 stems of faux flowers is unacceptable.  A new coat of paint on the walls is necessary. 

Cleaning the dishes off the tables would be nice….when we got there 4 out of 6 tables were dirty with old dirty dishes left behind.  We really didn’t have a choice as to where we were going to sit. 

I am so glad OUR Suzy Q is a daughter who is: clean, bright, cheery, not pretentious and lovely. We love Suzanne – Suzy Q Restaurant  not so much.


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